Humulus (Brescia/IT)


"Humulus is a Psych-Stoner power trio from Brescia/Bergamo (Italy), formed in 2009. Their frst self titled album is released by Go Down Records in december 2012."

The ten tracks of this frst work fully refect the stoner attitude of the band and their aggressive sound that is best expressed during their live shows.

In 2014 another great project, made of love and passion, sees the light: beer! Humulus produce their eponymous black stoner IPA, brewed in collaboration with ELAV Indipendent Brewery.

In 2015, after a change in the line-up, Humulus are ready to write new songs. A 3 songs EP called „Electric Walrus EP“ sees the light in october 2015. The new Ep shows the new attitude of the band: more psychedelic and more dynamic than before. The Ep release is immediately followed by a series of new live shows, including the gig at the Keep It Low Festival in Munich, that confrm the tightness and power of the renewed line-up. 2016 is full of live gigs, and new songs are written and played on big and small stages.

The new LP “Reverently Heading Into Nowhere”, more psychedelic and heavier than ever, will be out in Spring 2017, to mark Humulus‘ debut with the German label Oak Island Records for the vinyl version, and with the italian label Taxi Driver Records for the cds.