Les Lekin (Salzburg/AT)


"Any soul comes from a past, origin unknown, it's altered by the ongoing process of being"

A room in an industrial area in Salzburg, Austria. A creative night. After the neon suns have gone out, only candles light the place. You hear the high-pitched whine of the fully opened Marshall, the Ampeg fan going at full blast, and the rattle of a snare drum.

The whine builds up more and more into a room- filling feedback noise. A fist hitting the body of the bass fills the space between with deep frequencies. The cymbals‘ attack becomes louder and louder. Then … silence … a stroke at the snare-drum. Three people throw out all they have, all they are, and all of what they have in them.Inspired by feeling of the desert and the moon, sand and space.

Welcome to a heavy-psych-three-piece-noise-machine. Welcome to the world of Les Lekin. Enjoy!