Megatherium (Verona/IT)


"Megatherium are a four-pieces stoner–doom band from Verona, Italy. "

Since their beginning in 2011, their sound is a deliciously dark blend of sludge and doom, crammed full of powerful yet clean vocals, scorching low-tuned guitar riffs, bone crushing bass and tumultuous drumming.

Being part of a Megatherium live gig or listening to their much appreciated full-lenght SUPERBEAST (Andromeda Relix, 2016) is like being run over a huge wall of heavy distorted groove hitting the listener like a sledgehammer, pulverising the senses. In the middle of this arena of riffage and rhythm, vocals stands out with a mix of sludge roar and clean, melodic stoner wail, supported by a clever use of keyboards. Light effects, smoke and samples transform a Megatherium live show into a whole unique full experience of heavy music, flowing from beginning to end with no pauses at all.

Megatherium just concluded their East-Europe tour (October 2018) playing SUPERBEAST’s songs and some brand new tracks that will be included into their upcoming new album. The recording session will start in winter 2018; the album is due in spring 2019 on Argonauta Records.