"The band was formed as a joke in 2009 by three overweight beardy friends : Cavitos on guitar, Sappah on drums and Peppo on bass."

They started to jam and only the hunger could stop them. They shared the same passion for the space instrumental music based on infinite jam sessions mostly influenced by all the psychedelic rock from the sixties and seventies.
They self-produced under Desert Fox Records their first Ep(Cd-r) in 2010 where you can listen to the Californian’s infectious grooves, as they wander into ethereal space-rock and heavy-psych jams, while maintaining the smooth style and mellow warmness of the desert, create a lot of interst.
At the end of 2011 a new member “Ema”on Synthetizer was added at the line up of the band and gave the magical feeling they never had…a pure instrumental psychedelic trip music that gives its best on stage, open to all influences of the music of the 60/70’s but above all open at the atmosphere around at the moment of the execution of the show. The name of the band is a tribute to the amazing saga “The Dark Tower” of Stephen King.
In these years they shared the stage around Europe with bands like : Samsara Blues Experiment, Yawning Man, White Hills, Vibravoid, Fatso Jetson, the Cosmic Dead, Golden Void, Sendelica, Nick Turner(Hawkwind)… they also headline the Noizefestival 2011.
In June 2013 “Phono Sphera Records” and Vincebus Eruptum Recordings have released the first full length of the band “Anechoic Chamber Outcomes I” on Limited editions cd and Lp.
In November 2013 they were invited to play at the “Psychedelic Network Festival” in Wurzburg(with Papir, Monkey 3, My Sleeping Karma, Space Invaders, and many more) and at the “Stoned Karma Festival” in Monchengladbach with Vibravoid and Lord of Giant.
In december 2013 the magazine Classic Rock(Italian issue) dedicated two pages at the band!
in November 2014 Vincebus Eruptum Recordings have released on vinyl the first magic Ep(+ three bonus tracks) of the band previously released only on self produced cd-r.
In the summer 2014 Ema left the band to focus on his drone project “Bahasmanuti & Oky” and brother Bachis took his place behind the synth.
In April 2015 VE Recordings released the first volume of the “Psychedelic Battles”, it consist in a very limited yellow 12” split with Sendelica on side A and Da Captain Trips on side B with three brand new songs recorded live on tape like the old times. In may the band played a couple of shows in Germany with Sendelica, Vibravoid and Gnod.
At the end of July Da Captain Trips went for the first time in UK ! They have been invited to headline the sunday night of the english festival “Kozfest” together with “Sendelica”,“the Cult of Dom Keller” and “System 7”and they play in Wales too.
After the summer unfortunately the drummer Sappah let the band and Tommy from “Electro Spoon” came into the trips family.
In July 2016 Sunhair Records have released the first live record of DCT “Live at Immerhin” , recorded in May 2015 in Wurzburg. A very cool recordings where you can feel the pure atmosphere created from the band in their favourite situation…. jamming on stage !
The second full length of the band is planning to be out on Vincebus Eruptum Recordings/Phonosphera Records in April 2017.